Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Advertise on Huckleberrys!

I have decided to open up advertising spots on the Website they are first come first serve and I do reserve the right to say no to any advertisers

But if you are an artisan in any style and medium please feel free to advertise with me!

Huckleberry Arts has been a website since 2004, I have a large mailing list and a wonderful loyal customer base. I advertise off line and in galleries, gift Shops,and papers. There will be 2 Magazine ads this year too in Art and Crafts magazines for this fall.

I have many advertising spots through the web with Similar based Websites too. My average monthly visits on Huckleberrys as of March 2008 is 8,500. A wonderful way to get your name out to more customers and spots start at $3.00 a month get a discount for yearly. Just visit here and see the layout, click on any of the advertising boxes to read more!

Have a beautiful day and thanks!

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