Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Won !!

I got a great start the other day I won at Crafters Peddlers Village!

He is custom made by designer Sherry Marrero

Isn't he great and I got to tell you one of the most wonderful scented dolls too!Gotta love his face! The eggs are great too so vintage prim! I am so happy to win this guy with his eggs, and see the plastic egg let me tell ya that is scented too and it is like you are walking into a coffee shop with all the aroma!

Crafters Peddlers Market is a wonderful place to visit there are many shops to visit and a wonderful collection of artisians While you visit there sign up for the newsletter and you might win a goodie like me!!

Now you must take a moment and visit the wonderful artist of Charlie Brown!!

Now since I won something you get something too! It's a surprise but I will tell you It is a collage sheet that I just recently made! and of course yea you can use for business or personal creations ENJOY!!

Download here

Now one more note For ya!! I have started on another great site that is for advertising your business, Thanks Cathy for making this!! I think it is a wonderful site and is gonna be a great reference sites for buyers! If you are looking for a place to market your business,website,etsy,ebay anything please take a look! and bookmark my page as it is a great place to find out where you can find my goods and I will be adding freebie there each month too!

Have a beautiful night all!!



Terri said...

You have been given the "You Make My Day" award. Visit my blog to find out more.

tattered 'n torn prims said...

good for you!! Charlie Brown is absolutely wonderful!! Lucky girl!! Thank you for the freebie too!!