Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ebay Price Change

Well we have to up our prices on Ebay So Monday our collage sheets (emailed) will be going from 1.50 to 1.99.

I did get almost all the PRINTED collage sheets changed over they are now $2.99

I did a couple collections of instant downloads to try and offer a special on buying a bit at once those our in our Instant Download collections in our ebay store. and I will make more throughout the year. Now these colections as soon as you pay through paypal you instantly download the collectionso no waiting isn't that neat!

VISIT OUR EBAY STORE Grab our lower prices the next few days and I added about 6 new sheets this week and working one more!!

I have this information in our ebay store but our custom pages seem to get missed soooo Here is how to grubby up paper for my Hang tag Collage sheets (The hang tags I paint and put into collage sheets)

For the Grunge look for the tags, I have always used Card Stock or Wasua paper, now this week I got to play a little LOL I took a Manilla Folder and cut down to paper size printed the tags out on (Doing this way uses a little more ink) Try to use ACID Free paper on all your printed projects.

Okay so there are several ways
My favorite:

Take a cookie sheet (old one) that you will no longer use for cookie. Okay and just in case Not a Flat cookie sheet You need one with some sides :)

2 cups of HOT water
1 1/2 tsp. Walnut Crystals let dissolve then stir
Pour into pan
Set your paper in tap down so the paper gets fully imerged
Take paper out LET DRY COMPLETELY before printing on

Can set in oven at WARM also to dry you will have to flip over the paper once or twice keep an eye on it. They will burn (Although that gives a neat effect also

Once it is all dry then print on them

If you have unwanted wrinkles in the paper Just Iron them put a towel over top of paper for ironing

A Lot of gals do all the above but use a Coffe Mixture

2 cups of STRONG brewed Coffee pour into the pan and do like above

You can also use instant coffee (I find Folgers instant and Sams Value (from Walmart) to give the best effects
Use 2 to 3 cups in the cookie sheet and do all above

Can alsp do a Tea brewed:
Use about 6 tea bags to 2 -3 cups of water and repeat above

Some gals also use rit Dye I personally don't care for that(very messy and I have to many kids that would love to get there hands init LOL) but you would follow the directions on the bottle and make sure to cover your working area, and use gloves for sure! and again make sure paper is completely dry now this is another one you could put in oven for drying too!

You can also get Distressed Stamp pads take the cover off the stamp pad and just here and there stamp all over the paper front and back Here you could get creative and use many different colors, and then let dry, then print them out and then you can also stamp some more after printing you can also stamp after all the staining ones above too!

I also like taking Americana Burnt Umber and Dark Chocolate 2 to 1 ratio I load a flat brush half and half with the colors, then just dip tip into water so will run a little then go over the paper lightly with brush Don't keep a straight line go here and there with your brush "Play with it"!

Sometimes I will use a Sponge and use with the paint too for some different effects.

With all the above Make sure paper is completely dry before printing

Now you wll need to cut out your hang tags once printed. Then add a hole to the top and a string or several different strings............Or just cut them out to add to a project It is up to You

When Printing always Choose "BEST Quality " on your printer preferences otherwise you will be unhappy with the printing results.

Feel free to contact me if ya have questions or want/need anything clarified

Thanks for lookins and thanks for your interest in my hand painted Printable Hang Tags!

Here is my hang tag collection in our ebay store

They make fun pricing cards too! I also printed a batch out the other day on Vellum paper that is a neat effect it isn't translucent but the way the printer prints on the vellum is quite interesting now I have a HP Photo 8050 series Printer and then one of the 3800 series (the cheapo printer LOL). And they both printed really nice.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!


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