Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some New Creations

Thought I would share with you some new Creations I have done of late. This is my hand painted Cameo I did with Acrylics I know I don't usually do Santas that much anymore but when I looked at the cameo it is what I saw, maybe because of the person I got these wonderful cameos to play with the and the setting They came from Vintage Findings and more and not only does she have a wonderful shop to find lots of awesome goodies to create with, she herself is a beautiful person indeed. I defiantly recommend her if you are looking for some fun new items to create with

I also did this fun Ghoulie girl Cameo too

I have a couple more smaller cameos to play with yet and looking forward to it, love how they look and the diversity you can create on them with.

I also did up some fun wooden magnets a pumpkin set of 4 and skelle set of 4

They are all original creations, as always one of a kind.

I also worked on my STJ items today WOO HOO Not rushing the last week! And I am so happy with these new guys, Just a little peek STJ update isn't until Oct 13th, and I have 3 new little guys and I also working on some pumpkins, and a snowman guy too! Its been a few months I have been this far ahead for my STJ items so its kinda exciting lol.

There is alot of exciting and wonderful items on Spooky Time Jingles if you haven't visited yet! Get over and see ! and Yes I said So LOL

Have a beautiful weekend!

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Salitype said...

wow! they're gorgeous! better than store items,the homemade ones are!